I’m just a guy who loves to ride his bike...

Hi, my name is Szymon Godziek. My discipline is MTB freeride. I was born on 21 December 1991 in Suszec, Poland. My philosophy of life is be sick or lose. My favourite music is soundtracks from movies.

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Szymon Godziek is an up and coming rider from Poland who is edging up the rankings in contests across Europe. The young rider has accumulated an epic list of achievements and names fellow Red Bull rider and multi-talented legend Travis Pastrana as his idol.

In his first contest as part of the Red Bull family at WhiteStyle in Austria, Szymon took at respectable sixth place finish. And after a solid start to the 2012 season, he went on to place fourth at the Vienna Air King contest at the first stop of the FMB World Tour.

Now, between international competitions, training, and tearing up his purpose-built track at home with brother Dawid, Szymon’s growing talent is gaining him increased recognition, including a Best Trick award at Red Bull Berg Line in Germany. And when he’s not competing or training, Szymon can often be found in front of a camera, helping to bring freeriding to a much wider audience.

Career highlights


1st Place: Sfera Sportu Dirt Jumping Cup
Warsaw, Poland

1st Place: Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup
Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland

3rd Place: Bike Days
Solothurn, Switzerland


2nd Place: Vienna Air King
Vienna, Austria

4th Place: FISE Slopestyle
Montpellier, France


Best Trick: Red Bull Berg Line
Winterberg, Germany


1st Place: Go Big or Go Home
Munich, Germany

2nd Place: Monster Energy Slopestyle
Basel, Switzerland

1st Place: Super Session
Lublin, Poland

I’m just a guy who loves to ride his bike...